Visiting the Farm

Long Branch is open to the public daily. General visitors come to hike the trails, birdwatch, visit the demonstration passive solar residences, greenhouses, solar hot water heating systems and to observe (and often participate in) whatever is going on at the moment whether is gardening, building or a migratory bird census.

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Please call ahead or email to schedule a visit: (828) 683-3662 |

Activities Of Interest

Abundant Wildlife

Come practice your wildlife tracking and identification skills in all four seasons in our Southern Appalachian mixed cove hardwood forest, ecological sanctuary and land trust.

Berry Picking

Terraced planting of thousands of berry plants – Heritage Red Raspberries, Native Black Cap Raspberries, Blueberries, Wineberries and Thornless Blackberries.


The presence of many neotropical migratory song birds remind us why habitat protection is so important. Hike through our newly created 3 acre Golden Winged Warbler habitat that also serves as habitat for several different species of native pollinators as well as our honeybees.

Chestnut Hybrids

Back crossed hybrids of the American chestnuts serve as a 7th Generation project for all the Appalachian mast-loving species – Black Bear, Whitetail Deer, Wild Turkey, Ruffed Grouse and Elk. Our nursery provides backcrossed hybrids of the American Chestnut trees.

Composting Worms

Not only do the Red Wigglers that we raise aerate the soil in the root zones of plants and trees, but they leave behind the most perfectly balanced and nutritional fertilizer plants can utilize - their worm castings.

Fresh Mountain Air

From our temperate rainforest habitat - plentiful and restorative - more than enough to share with everyone needing a refreshing renewal...

Heirloom Apples

Over 72 old-time varieties for picking, eating fresh, baking, drying, winter keeping and cidering! Classes on grafting heirloom apples are offered.

Hiking Trails

We have great hiking trails with hundreds of diverse wildflowers lining the trails through the headwaters of local creeks and across rugged wilderness going up to the ridge and Chestnut Gap and Big Sandy Mush Bald, elevation 5,152 feet - the highest peak in the Newfound Mountain range, with panoramic views of East Tennessee, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Mt. Pisgah, the French Broad River Basin - including Asheville (about the size of a silver dollar!) and the Black Mountains and Mt. Mitchell to the East.


An internship program is offered year round.

Organic Gardens

Organic gardens and terraced orchards of fruit and nut trees, berries, grapes and gardens are abundant.

Passive Solar Structures

Passive solar structures include passive solar residences, office, conference center, cabin, 2 attached solar greenhouses and passive and active solar water heating systems and portable solar electric generators.


In addition to numerous picnic sites, we have a serene trout pond in the cool shade with picnic tables set up around it, so we encourage folks to bring a picnic to enjoy and make a great day of it in the mountains! 


Organically grown seedlings of crops we produce are available for a donation, including Blueberries, Wineberries, Native Black Cap Raspberries, Heritage Red Raspberries, Thornless Blackberries and several varieties of Heirloom Apples.

Trout Fishing

Brown trout in our pond provide entertainment when fed and/or caught.

Wildflower Honey

Gentle bees provide wild mountain honey and pollination for fruits and vegetables.


Each Spring through Fall weekend workshops and longer programs are held on topics ranging from organic gardening, Permaculture, recycling and waste utilization, masonry wood stove construction, low-cost solar hot water systems, edible landscaping, solar food drying and preservation.


Throughout the year day long visits by schools and college classes are welcomed. Volunteers and interns are enthusiastically welcomed.