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For conserving and growing a sustainable future! 

The Long Branch Environmental Education Center is a small educational institution located (map) in Buncombe County's Newfound Mountains, about 18 miles northwest of Asheville, North Carolina. Set aside in 1974 as an ecological sanctuary and land trust, it has developed into an educational center for sharing positive strategies of local self-reliance in the areas of environmental design, organic food production, renewable energy, shelter design and construction, appropriate technology, resource conservation, recycling, wildlife protection and improved environmental quality. 

Regarding Covid-19: Long Branch Environmental Education Center is open to the public at this time. We recommend that visitors wear masks and socially distance with other groups of visitors, volunteers, and stewards of the property, but there is plenty of space for everyone to be safe, and items at the information kiosk as well as the composting toilet are sanitized daily. The community center is currently closed, but visitors can go around the back side of the building to access the composting toilet. We hope that Long Branch EEC offers visitors a place to reconnect with nature and relax during these difficult times!

The Long Branch Mission is CEDARS

Sustainable Living Through Appropriate Technology

  • Conservation: We strive to encourage the conservation of all ecosystems and natural resources, including air quality, water quality, soil, and all biological diversity.
  • Education: We strive to educate the public about strategies relating to ecological literacy, natural resource conservation, renewable energy, community self-reliance, appropriate technologies, and practices of sustainability.
  • Design and Demonstration: We strive to design and demonstrate sustainable systems.
  • Advocacy: We strive to advocate for the conservation of all natural resources and biological systems.
  • Research: We strive to engage in research programs in conservation biology, renewable energy, community self-reliance, appropriate technologies and sustainable systems.
  • Restoration: We strive to practice ecological restoration.
  • Sustainability: We strive to encourage sustainability as a measure of every human endeavor.

Activities Of Interest

Berry Picking

Wildflower Honey

Trout Fishing

Fresh Mountain Air

Solar Structures

Heirloom Apples

Hiking Trails

Organic Gardens


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Picking Schedule


Picking Time : June-November

Wine Berries & Blackberries

Picking Time : June-July


Picking Time : June-November

Apples & Chestnuts

Picking Time : June-November